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 What are the benefits of Collaborative Law?


 Benefits. BrightPOD. Collaborative Law 
 Benefits. BrightPOD. Collaborative Law 
 Benefits. BrightPOD. Collaborative Law 


Very often our team members are told that the process sounds too good to be true, and we are often asked if the Collaborative process really works. The simple answer is ‘yes!’ the process DOES work, and works very effectively. Why? because it puts you at the centre of the decision making process, but don’t worry…..this doesn’t mean to say that you’re alone. Throughout the process you have the support of your specially trained collaborative lawyer to help and guide you through the process, to make suggestions and answer any questions you might have.  Your lawyer will encourage you to find a solution that works for you.  This means that the final agreement is much more likely to stand the test of time.


Please contact any of our team members who can explain to you more of the benefits of the collaborative law process. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have.




What are the benefits?

The main benefits of the Collaborative family law process are that it avoids the worst aspects of traditional divorce, and by reaching agreement yourselves you escape the uncertainty of the courts. This is often achieved a lot quicker and a lot cheaper than the traditional Court process.

What is the idea?

You can focus on what’s important to you and resolve things quickly. The benefits of this are clear. You are able to prioritise the issues to be discussed, and to set the discussion at a pace and for whatever length you are comfortable with. No more constraints from Court listings offices.

Collaborative Law?

With collaborative law everything is focussed on the issues you as a couple need to resolve and not some external timetable. Traditional divorces can grind along very slowly, working to a timetable set by the court. With a collaborative dissolution everything can go as quickly or slowly as you like – if your finances are relatively simple and you don’t have children, it could all be wrapped up in just a few meetings. With your lawyers following your timetable instead of the court’s, it’s really up to you. It helps you stay on friendly terms. The benefits speak for themselves.