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Collaborative Family Law is a new legal process to resolve relationship disputes without going to court.  Both partners have their own collaborative family lawyer and all four make a pledge to resolve issues together in a series of face-to-face round table meetings. Central to the Collaborative Family Law process is an agreement not to go to court. This commitment creates an incentive to be reasonable and resolve disputes without the threat of court action in the background.
Even when negotiations get tough, the investment both partners make in the process is usually enough to see them through to a successful conclusion. If they really can’t agree, the couple are free to go to court but they must start over again with a new legal team.
At the heart of the process is the belief that an honest and respectful approach to resolving differences leads to better outcomes for you and your ex. People who use the collaborative family law route are better able to preserve family relationships and friendships, deal with their former partner in the future and can save themselves the financial and emotional costs of litigation through the courts.


What we do.

We can help with….

  • Couples buying a home together and agreeing the terms of ownership.
  •  Couples seeking advice before marrying or forming a civil partnership.
  •  Couples separating and making financial arrangements.
  •  Couples separating and making arrangements for parenting.



C ourt proceedings are ruled out from the beginning! You sign an agreement disqualifying your Collaborative Lawyers from representing you at court if the collaboration process breaks down. Neither of the lawyers, or their respective firms, can then act for you – although they will still be bound by confidentiality about any negotiations which had occurred. You would need to instruct new lawyers to proceed to court. 
O penness, and a commitment to work constructively is key to resolving matters. You, your partner, and your lawyers agree to work together in a respectful, honest and dignified way to try and reach settlement without threatening to go to court.
L awyers do not try and ‘score points’, but instead work with you and are equally as committed as you to resolving matters as quickly as possible and on terms that work for you! You and your partner retain separate, specially trained lawyers, who will assist you in resolving issues without going to court. 


L engthy and expenses Court proceedings are avoided. You will be much more likely to resolve matters on terms that will stand the test of time because YOU will have been instrumental in negotiating those terms. Your Collaborative Family Lawyer, acts for you, providing legal advice and guidance throughout the process, but working with your partner and his/her lawyer as part of a team, to help achieve settlement. 
A ll issues can be resolved in the Collaborative family law process, and you are not restricted, for example, by what a Judge might determine to be the relevant issues. We discuss the issues that are important to you and your family. Issues are discussed and hopefully resolved in ‘four-way’ face-to-face meetings between you, your partner and your lawyers. Settlement discussions take place in your presence, which helps ensure that you and your partner remain in charge of the process. The process thereby helps improve future communication: this is particularly important when you have children. 
B enefits of the Collaborative family law process are, for example, that your case will typically be resolved far quicker than if you went to Court. it will typically be far cheaper and the process will ensure that you can resolve all matters arising out of your separation in a dignified and respectful way for the benefit of the whole family.